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Business Opportunities/Communications: KCA communicates regularly with members. The Weekly Construction Bulletin provides statewide city, county and state letting information. We also provide a roster of companies considering bidding on projects and the bids as read each month. KCA's publications keep members aware of industry and association information including free subscriptions to the quarterly newsletter, the monthly KDOT planholders list, the KDOT quantities list. The KCA Public Relations Committee helps members write and place news releases in local papers on the start-up of local projects, emphasizing the economic impact of the project, and the number of jobs created.

Events: KCA offers exceptional special events which provide opportunities for networking, education, and strengthening business relationships. Develop business relationships with contractor and supplier members through annual and quarterly events such as the annual convention, golf tournaments, the Action Auction, legislative receptions, and other functions.

Education: KCA offers educational and safety programs, continuing education for craft workers, access to a library of safety videos and information about government and regulatory programs. The KDOT/KCA Construction Industry Training (CIT) Program offers free training to all KDOT contractors and subcontractors and KCA members receive a discounted rate when applying their tuition credit to courses offered through KCA.

Representation: KCA provides a link between the heavy, highway and utility construction industry and the elected officials across the state of Kansas. Members and staff maintain a strong presence at the Statehouse. Our association has one of the top five PACs in the state and is well respected and considered the spokesperson for the heavy, highway and utility construction industry.

Health Insurance: The KCA Health and Dental Program, administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield, offers a unique selection of plans and coverage choices at competitive prices to meet the varying needs of members.

Credibility: The Kansas Contractors Association represents over 200 members of the heavy, highway and utility construction industries across Kansas. As the state's largest full-service association, KCA is committed to constantly improving the industry. As a KCA member, your customers recognize the credibility that comes from being a member of your industry’s professional association. Members have the right to use the KCA and AGC logos on letterhead, forms, ads, websites, etc.

Accessibility: Membership ensures inclusion in our annual directory, which is distributed to over 1,300 industry professionals each year.

Membership in the National AGC. KCA members benefit from the many services and programs provided by AGC on a national level, as well as the many activities and networking opportunities available on the state level.

As you can see, we strive to provide our members with valuable tools. Members receive worthwhile information such as the annual directory, regulatory reference guide, and much more to assist you in your business practices. Joining the Kansas Contractors Association is a win-win situation, as your membership makes the industry stronger and your business more competitive.

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Benefits of Membership in the National AGC

The Associated General Contractors of America has lead the way in advocating for smart policies, developing effective technologies and providing the kind of information needed to help thousands of contractors weather the economic downturn. 

KCA-AGC Member Benefits & Discounts

Members of Kansas Contractors Association, are also members of the National Association of General Contractors (AGC). In some instances, member benefits will more than offset the cost of KCA dues! AGC Member Benefits are designed and intended to increase the value of membership in America's premier construction association. Recognized vendors offer products and services to AGC members at prices discounted from list prices. Every transaction is however, an arms-length agreement exclusively between the vendor and the AGC member firm. Neither AGC of America nor its chapters, assumes any liability for the quality or performance of any product or service. The AGC member must look exclusively to the vendor for all sales and service, included but not limited to delivery, credit, guarantees, warranties and performance.

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