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November 02, 2015 3:13 PM | Deleted user

The organization surveyed candidates for the Kansas House of Representatives and found the overwhelming majority support T-WORKS, its funding formula and oppose diverting funds from the 10-year program. “We felt it was important to engage lawmakers and legislative candidates as revenue projections put strong pressure on the budget,” said Michelle Butler, Economic Lifelines Executive Director. “Protecting the dedicated revenue source of 4/10 cent sales tax is crucial to delivering T-WORKS for all 105 counties.” Those responding to the survey include 21 incumbent lawmakers and 36 candidates seeking office. They join 22 legislators who have a Pro-T-WORKS voting records. Determination of those lawmakers was based on the following votes: S Sub HB 2360- 1 cent sales tax (2010), S Sub HB 2650- T-WORKS (2010) and H Sub SB 84- Peck Amendment to divert .4 cent sales tax to SGF (2013). “It is clear that legislative candidates understand the importance of T-WORKS, the value it brings to Kansas and the impact it has on local communities,” said Butler. “Kansas communities are counting on these transportation projects that create jobs and boost economic vitality.” T-WORKS is a 10 year, $8.2 billion transportation program passed during the 2010 Legislative Session. T-WORKS is set to deliver 37 major new improvement projects throughout the state, make travel safer, and return more than $10 billion to the Kansas economy. In addition to improving access to markets and making the state more competitive, T-WORKS provides an estimated 175,000 construction and supplier jobs over the life of the program. We encourage our entire membership and all Kansans interested in transportation issues to take the time to find out the position of their local candidates regarding T-WORKS. A full list of survey results and legislative voting records can be found on our website at ### Economic Lifelines is the statewide coalition of organizations and community groups which provide the grassroots support for Comprehensive Transportation Programs in Kansas. Its members believe that the economic development and jobs that are generated by such programs are vital to the stability and growth of the Kansas economy and that of individual communities.

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